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One thought on “First blog post

  1. I took 2drops of cbd oil last evening & I’m told it has no THC in it but, I was a bit suspicious that it certainly felt similar to THC induced feelings–as it made me feel quite “spirit lifted” in my thoughts & at times I noticed more sounds or time sequences seemed distorted. So to have drugs to lift you out of depressed moods it’s just a temporary release of anxiety. The secret to having an indwelling of Truth is to have it in your psyche morning, noon & “nighty-night-night” (that’s how the song goes, isn’t it….)
    Though some times to have a change from acute chronic depression it can be a relief to change the status quo.
    I find when I’m down it’s very hard to feel uplifted, to break out of the misery, but if any little thing happens that can induce feelings of gratitude or a smile, grab it & hang onto the moment & try to increase it… By saying thankyou for what o have or saying I am grateful for that moment of joy, let it try to build a momentum & it CAN pull u back into a gracious state, away from your deep despair. You just have to start looking at a lovely picture book, or walk outside & look at the stars or the birds around the bird bath – any chance to get as far away as possible from negativity, take it & RUN WITH IT, I implore you!


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